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December 7, 2005

The site of the 2007 World Freestyle Championships is
on Bus Eater Wave. Nick sends in these photos at the lower water level.
This kid is fired up about kayaking!

Hey EJ,

Its Nick, Just wanted to jive you guys an update about
whats happening up here in Canada. Well firts we have lots of good snow,
and hockey has started(our team has won 9, and lost 1 games so far), but
the real excitment

is on the river. Buseater has come in! It is Sweet.
Thusday, the level was around 15, so you would still get abit of a beat
down. Friday it came up some more, around 16, Wicked good level, but it
was -6 C. And sunday it come

up even more, now its around 16.5 and the temperature
outside wasn’t too bad

only -4 C. Anyway ya its Really awesome, and i just
thought i’d let you guys

know. We are going back out tonight, hopefully, the
level has only gone up, and the temperature down.

Here are some pictures of Buseater on Sunday.




Click to view larger image

Click to view larger image