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January 27, 2006


I think 1% for the Planet is a great idea. I am glad that JK is supporting their efforts and do not mind one bit to cough up a mere 1%. All any dealer should have to do is look around them to see why this is important. First, our sport is conducted in the same places in which the money is being used to preserve–if not for an environment to paddle in, there is no paddling. Second, we DO have a direct impact on that environment and should be responsible enough to join together in efforts to lessen the overall impact. There are plenty of concientious consumers out there who applaud such efforts and will make purchasing decisions based upon moves like 1 % for the Planet.

In addition, although the above reasons are the heart of the matter, speaking from a financial standpoint I believe JK is contributing $$ to these efforts in an indiret manner. By making a quality product (no matter what Corran says) that is affordable to the consumer— a product that has demonstrated its strength in sales, and one that allows dealers to earn a substantial margin (based on industry numbers), JK allows people like me to say—"Hey, what’s the big deal about 1% "

Five dollars a boat is very little on a small scale, but collectively that number turns into a substantial amount for help preserving our environment, our rivers, our livelihood.

Thanks for seeing the big picture guys.

Eric Vincent
Adventures Abound