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January 18, 2006

The Nile Special is a special wave. It is easy to access from the eddy, goes from green to breaking in cycles, allowing you to set up whatever kind of moves you want and go as big as you know how. Just about every wave move works here, if it works anywhere. For this reason, we are now doing some filming on Nile Special, where we can do the instructional segment for “EJ’s Playboating: Advanced” on big wave moves. Like kids in a candy store, we have a bunch of very excited team athletes. Nick is grinning ear to ear, as well as Stephen, Dane. They are giddy to say the least. The rest of the crew are more like, “hey don’t you think we should go back in the morning, because the light will be good then.” They are just as full on stoked on getting on a wave that you can fly on.

The Star, All-Star, Super Star and Fun 1 are our tools for the big wave surfing. It is funny how in one day, people who saw us surfing the Nile Special for the first time were saying things like, “wow, those boats look fun here”. Yes, they were right! We brought the right boats for surfing the big waves, sweet!

Steve Fisher brought his Zodiac down from an island he and Des are making their home upstream for a quickie surf. That is always a special treat. It is fun having someone who has spent tons of time here to paddle with on our first try at it. We were on the water for no more than 15 minutes before a big rain came, shutting down all video and photos for 2 hours. We got to do some filming and photos before we left and here is what we have.

Dane wins the photo award of the day. Nick wins the huckster award, throwing something on about every pass.

I’ll let the photos, taken by Kristine do the talking. Look for more in the next few days as we figure the wave out a little and learn to eek out the extra air you can get.




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Clay in action

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Nick being Nick

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Dane gets the award for best air on day 1 of Nile Special