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February 28, 2006

Hello EJ,

First let me congratulate you on your incredible hit picking up Ruth and Nick to your factory team. They are both so much more than incredible paddlers. They are well spoken, patient, team players amazing instructors… I can go on if you’d like.
One word: Ambassadors.

Hat’s off to them both. They will do you proud and I am privileged to have met them and learned from them. (I am really lucky and thankful that they braved the lousy weather to make out to us)

The smiles on the 42 people (of all ages from 8 to 60+) were a testament to the success of the event and their efforts. Whether in the pool or on their way out the door there was a clearly excited look all those faces that suggests that they will be back.
There is no doubt that we will be bringing the sport to Cornwall and we will get to do something like this again and again and again.

I have been paddling since I was a kid and in the last years I have been looking for a way to share my passion with others.
Your team has helped me and our new club (CReW) get the dream of the ground.
We will bring more events, out trips and classes to the new paddling community in our area.

If there is ever an opportunity to bring a selection of Jackson Boats to this area I certainly will work my end off to accomplish that.

I was (and am) so happy to see the positive reaction from Ruth, Nick and Klaas about the site where I want to put a Whitewater Park. It is a big project and there will be lot’s of hoops to jump through but watch us jump!
The canal is actually the old canal that bypassed the Long Sault Rapids before the Large Power Dam was built in our section of the St-Lawrence River and was replaced by the international St-Lawrence Seaway. (It does not connect to the Rideau Canal joins up with other canal systems much further upstream).
The spill way was used to power an old Hydro Turbine that has been out of commission since the canal was closed a long time ago.
It will make a great platform for a flatwater paddling park upstream of the spillway and a great teaching and play spot (there is potential for a really big wave at the bottom) for the those of us who prefer their water loud and white.
If you are interested I will gladly keep you posted on our progress.

Well, I can talk about this forever and maybe one day I will get that chance.

I will make sure that, once we have compiled the data, we forward pictures and some video of the event your way. (We will update our new site as well)

Can’t repeat myself enough. I am really proud of all the people who came together to pull off this event and am lucky to have been a part of it.

the only thing that makes me sad…. The 2 hours shot by fast and I did not get a chance to paddle the Super Star (Nick mentioned that they had brought one).

But I did get to make people happy and share my passion.

Thanks again.

Robert Zwanenburg

Cornwall recreational Whitewater Club