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February 13, 2006

I got this from Will Singleton today…

Just received a Jackson Super Hero and all I can say is WOW. This is one
amazing boat. My last river/creek boat was a wave sport Diesel 75 and
what a difference. The super Hero is much faster, edges allot better,
and puches sticky holes that would have caught my stern and flipped my
using the Diesel 75. I love the outfitting, easy to adjust, I can let
anyone demo the boat on the river due to the simplicity of adjusting the
outfitting on the fly. I purchased a sweet cheeks and used my happy seat
I had in my Super Fun to give even more control over the boat. Hands
down the easiest boat I have ever tried to roll. As a matter of fact my
first roll in it I rolled up then all the way back over. I’m able to
hand roll on both sides (for me, thats a first). The plastic used on the
Super Hero is thick and feels very solid and slick, unlike my diesel 75
that felt like corners had been cut to reduce manufacturing cost. Thank
you everyone at Jackson Kayak for continuing to make great innovative
products. Keep up the great work.