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February 27, 2006


I’m back in Cincinnati after a weekend at the National Paddling Film Festival. Excellent kayaking films and fellowship with other paddlers made the trip worthwhile. However, my main objective for the weekend was to meet Team Jackson and hopefully demo a Super Hero. Not only were you and your family accessible, but all the members of Team Jackson were very helpful and extremely friendly. Thank you for not only letting me demo your boat, but also spending the whole day paddling with us and the one on one instruction. This experience alone would be motivation to pick Jackson Kayak over other companies if the product was the same. After paddling the Super Hero, I found it to be superior to other boats I’ve tried. It was comfortable, responsive, and very fast. The Sweet Cheeks and backband provided a great fit without compromising flexibility. I love the convenience of adjusting the bulkhead on the river while sitting in the boat. Awesome idea!

I liked the boat so much I bought an orange Super Hero on the way home, just in time to take it to our last winter pool session Sunday night. Wow, is this boat easy to roll! I was struggling to have a consistent roll in my old boat. No such problems with the Super Hero. Not only did I have an effortless roll with the paddle, I was able to hand paddle roll it with ease including my first ever, offside roll. The only problem I had was not swallowing water because of the BIG SMILE on my face. I’m looking forward to taking my skills to the next level thanks to Jackson Kayak.
Tell Dane, Emily, Kristine, and Clay I appreciate their help and friendly conversation. See you on the river.


Dan B.



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