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February 17, 2006

Hello Jacksons!

Greetings from Chile! I’m down in Pucon right now with World Class.
Everything is going great here and summer is in full swing.

My Superstar has been perfect for all the various conditions we’ve had here:
big water, little playspots, and even some creekin’. I’m still really happy
with it and am looking forward to taking it to the Futa.

I’m planning on selling it to a local guy down here who owns a small shop
called Kayak Pucon right before we leave. He rents out kayaks to folks who
come down from places like the States so they don’t have to fly with a boat,
but he has a really hard time getting boats. He’s done a lot of good things
for our school so I’m going to give sell him mine at a good price. All this
means that I’d need a new boat for when I get back home. Could I order
another Superstar right now? I get back to the States on March 17th.
My email will be a little scarce after this weekend because we’re heading
down into the Patagonia region but I’ll try to check it as soon as I can.
Thanks so much you guys!


ps. If there’s a color choice, my request would be 1) that new green 2)
orange 3) Red

pps. I attached a pic from the other day at the 7 Teacups for your viewing
pleasure 🙂




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7 Tea Cups sequence