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March 26, 2006

Ricky who works for us at the plant came by at 9am this morning with his horse trailer. Kristine and I loaded up Jack and Flow, two Tennessee Walker horses inside Ricky’s trailer, along side his Quarter Horses, Nevada and Hey Nelly (I think). Ricky brought his class V horseman daughter, and we headed up to Big Bottom, about 1 mile from Lost Creek Cave. The day starts off by wading across the river, which almost took Jack down and got me soaked to start. We did some awesome off road action, stopping at three different waterfalls, and three creeks. Each creek we saw disappeared underground. If we got a heat wave, this is the place to cool off! We combined some good old fashioned galloping along narrow trails and across creeks, with some “social walking”. Mostly we looked for interesting riding.

When I got back, Clay was at the house on his way to the river and Dane was dressed and ready. Stephen took Dane to the river, while I played football with Emily and then attempted to fly my R/C plane but had a dead starter battery. A little house cleaning followed by an awesome dinner, compliments of Kristine, and a nice fire in the fireplace (due to the cold snap we are in) and we wrapped up an awesome Sunday.

I am looking forward to paddling tomorrow!

🙂 EJ