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March 8, 2006

Sorry everyone, I am afraid that we didn’t impress the powers to be at Fast Company Magazine enough to make their top 50 list. Many of the top 50 companies got perfect ratings by the readers. We had a fair number of ratings at the lowest possible number, which are clearly not Jackson Kayak fans. You can’t be liked by everyone, which is fine.

Remember Wayne’s World where Wayne was explaining to Garth how the goal of their show isn’t to be liked by everybody? “Led Zepplin didn’t worry about being liked by everybody, they let that up to the Bee Gees.” Well, that sounds like good advice from a national celebrity. Jackson Kayak will do what we do, put it out there for everyone to see, so there are no secrets, and some will like what we do, some won’t.

Just thought you would want to know that we didn’t win that contest. We were the only kayak company in it, mostly high tech companies. Off to the river for me!

🙂 EJ