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Jackson Kayak will be doing a few ads to get the word out on our
Fun Tour

March 28, 2006

Advertising dollars don’t make a better boat, nor do they do a good
job in convincing people that a bad boat is a good one. However, what they
can do is help a company make sure that their audience is aware of what they
are doing, or what they are about. Our goal is to use the minimum amount
of advertising towards that goal that we can. If you are reading this, our
ads are a waste of money in your case, because you keep up with this
website. We are supporting AW by taking full page ads out. What we found
is that people like my dad, for example, call me up and say, “wow, you are
really doing well, I saw you in the AW journal!” He never goes to my
website where there is more information than in an encyclopedia. I learned
a lesson here in that some people will never know about Jackson Kayak from
our website, and they are just as in need of a lightweight, comfortable,
durable, dry, high performance kayak as the web savy person.

So, the Team JK Fun Tour which is at the top my news section on the home
page, complete with a full calendar, links, team bios, etc., etc. is being
duplicated in this AD to run in Paddler, AW, Kayak Session, and Rapid.

Here is what you will see: open this PDF (1 MB) file to check it out.