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By Jay Kincaid. Learn more about Jay.

March 20, 2006

Hi Friends,

It’s tax season, and "the man" has got me down. I know that I am not the
only person in the world with complicated taxes, but that doesn’t make it
any more enjoyable. I have dedicated this week to the idea of hammering it
out and getting them done. I think that I would rather go kayaking in the
snow with no top on then work on taxes. Skin to win, baby!
Other then that, I have been paddling a ton. I have some new moves dialed,
like the reverse Mcnasty, both ways, and have relearned some older moves,
like the Phonix Monkey, both ways. Oh, it is pretty!
My favorite local training partners, Macy Burnham and Jason Craig, have been out on the water with me most every day. It has been really cold, but once
you are on the water it feels just fine. Macy is paddling like the Macy of
old and it is really awesome to see. I am trying to talk him into competing
at the River Festival, so fellow competitors beware. Macy’s got skills! And
Jason Craig is paddling awesome as well. The other day I told him that we
should work on some move combinations, like the Back Loop to Mcnasty. He
stuck it on his second try, and to be honest, I thought my eyes might water
up. It kind of hurt my feelings, and made me proud at the same time.
Kayaking has been really fun for me this winter, despite the cold. This is
something that I haven’t experienced in a few winters, and it is really

Jay Kincaid