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March 5, 2006

Jessie is one great woman, and I am proud to be her friend, and to have her on Team JK. She has really helped me over the years in many ways, from fund raising to get to the World’s in 1999, to introducing me to Tony Lunt, my partner in Jackson Kayak, to helping Emily find a way to make her project in Africa work out for everyone. Today she threw down in the hole at Rock Island, and then at Brave Wave. We got home and Emily and Jessie played me in soccer, and the girls won 10-9, only to be beaten by Jessie at horseshoes after that.

Tonight Emily will receive a present from her Uncle Scott, shhhh! Uncle Scott is a great uncle for Emily, always doing nice things for her, and tonight she will receive his old Subaru, her first car! (she turns 16 on the 13th of March).

Scott delivers boats for us often, and is retired from the Coast Guard, he and his wife Patty kayaked with me on the Ottawa last summer.

🙂 EJ