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March 21, 2006

Sign yourself up for the Members page (click here) and we will ship you your own copy of the 2006 promo video. This video is a great combination of the “Action Jackson” section and the “Jackson University” section. The action segment includes incredible playboating footage and some fun river running shots too. Great music, fast action, beautiful scenery, and an incredible team make for a perfect mix.

The Jackson Kayak University section is everything you always wanted to know about your Jackson Kayak and accessories. Whether it is Emily showing you the Fun Float with her running Calagala Falls on the Nile and swimming after going really deep, or a tutorial on each kayak, it is your best source of information on anything Jackson.

We will begin sending you informative emails this spring and notices when this website has something you are interested in on it.

Thanks again!

🙂 EJ