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By Devon Barker. Learn more about Devon.

March 14, 2006

March here in Idaho has brought us an additional four
feet of snow. Just when we thought the rivers would
begin to run the snow started back up. We took to
snow kayak races instead. I thought you might like to
see that the All Stars and 2 Funs were a big hit. My
new All Star, fresh out of the plastic, was the
fastest boat of the night. It took the top three
spots! Everyone, including Kathryn Blackadar, grand
daughter of the famous Walt Blackdar who pioneered
kayaking in Idaho and the big water runs of Alaska,
wanted a run in it.

Kathryn told me that she has always wanted a Jackson
Kayak and now she really does!

Soon to have your wonderful Jackson Kayaks on the





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Event Organizers

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Kathryn Blackadar

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Ally’s 2Fun

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