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April 10, 2006

Hey Eric,

Years ago when I was a kid (a lot longer than I care to remember) we used to have "how many kids can you stuff in a VW Beetle" competitions. (Used to really tick my dad off! no sense of humour… hmm)

Today I put a new spin on it!

How many Jackson Kayaks can you fit on a VW golf?

(The answer is: 6 on top and room left for a smaller boat inside (The Fun1.5 fits in the back!) with room left for the kids, gear and a picnic lunch!)
Check out the pics. Yup you can drive around like that. You get lots of funny looks but it works. Who needs minivans!!
I am really happy with the additions.

I drove out with my son/navigator, Zachary, to Wilderness Tours (OKS) to pick up our new additions to the CReW fleet.
Then off to the paddles shack to buy the skirts and get quotes on the rest of the gear.

After outfitting the 4Fun with sweet cheeks and the happy seat and thruster I took it down the ramp at home and fell in love.
The boats fits well, is really light, well balanced, tracks well and is a blast for this 200 lb frame throw around on the flatwater. Even my feet were comfortable…
Only thing left for me to do is upgrade the back band as soon as I can get my hands on an upgrade kit (I bought the last one in stock at the Paddleshack last week for my wife’s 2Fun. She really likes it)

Tomorrow I will put in the rapids! Yahoo!

Now we can offer a quality service with quality boats to our members and student. I have no doubt that they will all love the boats too.

Again, Thanks for making a great boat.

See you on the river.

Robert Zwanenburg

Cornwall Recreational Whitewater Club


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