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April 5, 2006

Hey Everyone:

I don’t believe that winter will ever end here. It is still cold, it is
still snowy, and we still have tons of water. MT. Rose, just behind Reno,
got over ten feet of snow last month and is still getting hammered.
The local kayaking community hasn’t been upset about all of the snow, and
lots of people have been on the river everyday regardless of the cold
weather. It is fun to see all of the Jackson Kayaks on the water. It seems
like every couple of days I see someone with a new Super Star, All Star, or
Fun. These are smart people!

Yesterday I did a Slalom workout with Charles Albright. Anytime I can learn
something new in a kayak I am having a great time. It was a lot of fun to
work a set of gates thinking only about technique, and then slowly start
picking up the pace. A couple of times I tried to go all out, and found
myself up on the rocks somewhere near an upstream gate. And a couple of
times I actually felt like I was doing pretty good. So, basically what I am
saying is that two times in a 90 minute workout I didn’t suck.
After that little slap down to my ego I meet up with Jason Craig, and then
later Macy, to do some good old freestyle action.

Today I am going to run the river and try to find what is rumored to be a
great wave at this water level. Hopefully I will find it, and be writing to
you in my next update about how good it was. If I don’t mention it, it is
because I didn’t find it.

My Mom arrives on Friday to hang out for the weekend. I am really looking
forward to that. My day will pretty much go as usual except that I will have

My Mom cheering me on from the bank. Moms are cool because they think that
any trick is cool. Bring on the ender!

Next week it is time to head off to Southern Cali and the Kern River Fest.
It couldn’t come any sooner if you ask me. I can hardly wait to see
everyone, compete, visit Sierra South, do a clinic, go creeking, and
generally show off the best kayaks in the world.

So, that’s it for now. Coming up in the next few weeks I should have a lot
to write about.

Jay Kincaid