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April 6, 2006

Thank you for making the 2006 WW Clinic a huge success. Stephen was AMAZING! I learned more in the day that I paddled with him than I have the entire six years I have been in a boat. What a truly gifted
instructor. He knows what to teach, how to teach, and how to fix it when
it does not go right. This is not even mentioning what a wonderful
person he is. It warms my heart to have such great support. This sport
has changed my life and I know that this weekend, because of Jackson’s commitment to the paddlers, kayaking will soon change several others
lives as well. I cannot thank Jackson Kayak and Stephen Wright enough. I hope this is the beginning of what is to materialize into a long lasting presence at our annual event. With 60 + students and 100+ participants, this event is arguably the largest in the area. This is in large part,
due to the continued support from our vendors. Jackson Kayak is making a statement in the Kayaking arena. It is so clear when they send one of
the best paddlers in the world to come out and help this little shop
sponsor a whitewater clinic, this is a company that is dedicated to you
and I, the paddlers.
Thank you Jackson.


James Mattox.
Dynamic Earth Equipment Co.

This is what some members had to say about the clinic:

Greetings OMP!

For those of you who missed the annual Spring Whitewater Clinic 06,
you missed something truly phenomenal! Every year I wonder how we
could possibly top the last Clinic and every year we manage to do
just that! This year was no exception!

For the most part, no one really has any idea what it takes to bring
this thing about and how involved it is. This year I was involved
on a more intimate level than years past and I am amazed at what we
have to do to pull this thing off. Mr. Austin (Clinic Director) is
nothing short of amazing and his ability to put this thing out
there, get the necessary combination of rain and good weather, and
get everyone doing their thing is, quite simply, mind boggling! How
he does it without snapping and killing everyone with an axe is
beyond me!

Our Sponsors Rock! They support us in our Endeavor unconditionally
and every year they give us their love! For years I have tried to
bring business their way, support them in their Endeavor, and do as
much as possible to return the favor. To me, that is the least we
can do for them.

As you all know, again this year we have had something unprecedented
happen. We had two Professional Kayakers come and teach our two
advanced K1 classes. This phenomenon has quite possibly changed my
boating life! Mr. Stephen Wright & Mr. Jimmy Blakeney are two of
the best and most recognized kayakers in the entire world and OMP
had them with us for the whole show! They are truly professional,
are professional instructors, and are (somewhat to my surprise!) two
of the nicest guys you would ever hope to meet. They came to us in
the Spirit of Boating and touched us in ways that will forever
change OMP’s Clinic. They Believe and they gave us their Hearts!
And just so everyone will know? I had the opportunity to talk to
them at length over the weekend, and both of them told me that they
have never seen anything that equals OMP’s Clinic! Now these guys
do this for a living and they have seen it all! They were stoked
that we do this with and for each other and I think they will
remember us always and forever! They couldn’t say enough how much
they loved the Recipe Juan tied on for us!

The Galley Crew Shined! OMP has, for all years remembered, fed its
Clinic! Just this fact alone blows me away and I can’t remember
when I have enjoyed it so much! Who among us can and will whomp up
that quality of grub for 150+ hungry boaters? No wonder I have been
trying to get into the Galley Crew for years! Next year, Juan, I

I would like everyone to keep in mind that this Clinic is entirely a
Volunteer effort! All of the shore based personnel, instructors,
galley crew, etc. does this because they love it and because they
can. They bring to the table their special skills, knowledge, and
their VOLUNTEER time! If that doesn’t say something about this
Organization, I don’t know what could.

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, (since I am running into
overtime!) I would like to personally thank our Students. You are
the sole reason this thing happens. When you think about it, all of
these people do what they do to bring you into something that they
believe in and love. They know what it means and they will go out
of their way to give it to you. It is their way of giving you
something you would never have the chance to have otherwise, and
most people will never have the chance to have. In exchange? You
give your very best efforts, push yourself, give yourself, and
hopefully find a little of something that you are looking for. I
have never seen such a collection of River Grins plastered all over
so many people at one time! You are an Inspiration to us all and
never a Clinic goes by that I don’t envy you this opportunity!
Right On! Well done, and thank you for joining the Circle!

As for me? I have no idea what I have ever done to be lucky enough
to be a part. I am unable to express in words what it means to me
to be here with you guys and my Heart soars! You have given me your
Friendship, Love, and the chance to give you mine! You have my
Undying Gratitude Always and Forever!

Right On!

Keep Your Stick In The Water!

Yes I would have to say this years clinic was one of the best weekends
out paddling I have had. Like Terry said Jimmy and Stephen were
phenomenal paddlers and great teachers, not to mention they were also
great people. They both taught me techniques and drills to progress
my paddling abilities. I hope that I get the privilege to paddle with
them again in the future, maybe a little bigger water next time. 🙂

And to the gallery crew, thank you very much for the wonderful meal
saturday night. You know its good when you have a line of people
waiting when it is pouring down rain. I would have to say I ate
better this weekend than I do when I am at home.

As for Dynamic Earth, thanks for all the gear you guys brought down
for everyone to try out. Theres not to many opportunities to be able
to try out just about every new boat from 3 different companies, all
in one weekend. Also want to say thanks to Adam and Renee(spelling?)
for bringing the liquid logic boats, wavesport boats, and AT paddles
to the clinic for everyone to paddle. I heard alot of praise given to
these boats by people who had a chance to paddle these boats.

And thanks to everyone in OMP ,especially Randy, for getting this
whole thing to come together as well as it did. We are not talking
about a group of 30 or 40, but 100+ people. Also Randy hang on to
that buckeye I think they really are good luck. 🙂

Thanks again to everyone who made this possible.





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