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By Stephen Wright. Learn more about Stephen.

April 5, 2006

After making the long drive from Rock Island to Arkansas, I had the
opportunity to boat some fun water with some of the nicest people I’ve met.
The Ozark Mountain Paddlers club out of Missouri put-on a weekend of clinics
yearly to teach people how to kayak, get away from Missouri (to Arkansas),
and enjoy a weekend camping with friends. I don’t know the exact numbers,
but there were more than sixty students broken-up into many groups. I had
the pleasure of teaching 2 groups in 2 days on the Mulberry River. We
worked-on playboating fundamentals, some strokes work, and bombproofing
rolls. Over-all a great weekend with nice people.

James and Matt from Dynamic Earth–our very cool dealer in Missouri–were
there with tons of demos. These guys are PSYCHED to kayak and are experts
on all Jackson boats. James was very excited to be able to paddle his
brand-new green super star this weekend. The verdict? "this boat is the
best kayak I’ve ever had. It surpassed my expectations!", said James after 3
days paddling it. These guys are into selling the sport of kayaking–they
only brought Demo boats for the weekend, and spent lots of time getting
people into the right boats. I was extremely impressed with their passion
to help people enjoy kayaking! Check-out their website:

I only took a few photos, but here’s the official photos of the weekend from

Live from Richmond, VA

Stephen Wright




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Kick-off Meeting

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Randy’s Welcome Speech