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May 24, 2006


My name is Mikael Ekström. I am 17 years old and live in Uppsala, Sweden.

Whitewater paddling is everything for me. I love it! The best thing about it is to see and paddle different places and meet new people. One negative thing with living in Uppsala is that the nearest "good" paddling is about 2,5 – 3 hours away! So I mostly just paddle on weekends.

I started paddle about three years ago. My dad was at an indoor training with the local club. I came on one practice. Then I was stuck. I had to paddle more. After a year I got into freestyle. Started with competing and training. Last year I got an overall second place in the freestyle cup with the Allstar and a first place in the boatercross championship in a Rocker, both junior class. This year I got a place in the Swedish freestyle team! So this summer I am going to compete in the Euro Champs, as a junior.
In this years competitions I have got a third place at the first one and won the last one.

My favorite trick right now is the flatwaterloop. It is both balance and technique. Later in my paddlingcareer I have got into creeking. Paddle a new river. Scouting the river and asking myself what is coming next in the river? It is so exciting. I have discoverd that paddling is a great way to see different natures and countries. A goal I have is to have fun whenever I paddle. Not make it life or death.

This fall and spring I am taking a break from the Swedish school and going to attend a World Class Kayak Academy ( WCKA) in Montana, USA. That is the biggest thing for me in life so far! I hope it will be a lifetime experience.

Best regards

Micke E. SWE

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What Mikael’s coach, captain of the Swedish freestyle team says:

Mikael Ekström (A.k.a Micke) is one of the young talents from Uppsala Kayak Club. Micke has developed a lot during his time in the club. Around the city of Uppsala are there no good playspots, if you want good kayaking there is a three hour drive by car to the nearest spot. Despite the lack of good training-spots Micke is beating many of kayakers which live by the rapids. He has always performed well in the Swedish national competitions in freestyle. Due to the good results in competitions, Micke is now one of the youth members in the Swedish national freestyle team. Next semester Micke will move to USA and start studying and paddling at the World Class Kayak Academy