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May 10, 2006


I’m sure that you receive messages from paddlers who are excited about your boats. I fall into that group. I took my new 4Fun out on the river with a friend for the first time last weekend and loved it. I started paddling back in 1997 in a Frankenstein. Since then, I have paddled an X, and EZ and a Disco. After the first trip, I can definitely say that this is my favorite boat. I took 3 years off (new family), so this is a great way to get back into it. The happy feet are wonderful. In addition, I have had surgery on my lower back and the 4Fun was comfortable all day. Love the outfitting, love the play, love the cross link plastic (I work for Rubbermaid Commercial here in Virginia, so I really do appreciate you using HDPE as opposed to the LDPE used in other boats).

Thanks for creating such a fun boat. I can not wait to get my boys on the water. I have the older one with me in a canoe now…he now wants to “paddle a boat like daddy’s!” Pretty cool stuff.


Mark Hoyle
Winchester, Va