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May 22, 2006

The water level was 8.5’ on the gauge making Coliseum a big water flush with a big wave in the middle called the “Big Kahuna” This wave is big and fun but the water was a little high making it hard to stay on, or even catch for anyone in any boat. We did round robin on it for 30 minutes and on average people got 2 to 3 surfs on it, and only a few people threw a move on their ride, and no more than one move per ride happened. With that said, when you did catch it and were on top, it was a great view and the potential was there. We paddled there the day before and it was lower, where I was able to get a number of big moves on a single ride.

Anyhow, during the competition in the women’s class;

Ruth Gordon showed her big wave skills once again, throwing the biggest and cleanest looking move of anyone in the competition, a big righty airblunt to win the big trick contest.

Ben Marr threw a big backstab, an airblunt, and a pan am, getting three moves and winning the men’s class.

Dane threw a huge underwater mystery move in his Fun 1 to win the biggest working award (and $50 in cash!) as well as an airscrew that wasn’t big enough to win, but was cool. I had a big backstab but it was my only impressive move and didn’t take the honors.

I am heading to Colorado now and will be on Oh-Be-Joyful tomorrow! Dane and Emily haven’t run that yet.

🙂 EJ