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May 16, 2006

Friday was an Open competition so that anyone not invited could
compete and get into the event if they placed top three. Even though it
was held on a work day, the river was crowded with specators. It is
Saturday morning about 10 minutes before we start the Boatercross time
trial. I already did a morning session and am ready for the big event that
starts at 1pm, the Freestyle invitational, complete with TV, prize money, a
huge crowd and everyone wanting to be top dog. Emily and I both had good
sessions and are feeling good. So did Jay.

Back to yesterday- the results were:

Men who qualified to compete in today’s big event:
Jud Kiser
Josh Bectle
Corey Volt

There were quite a few big names that didn’t make it, but that is how these
things work.

Women who qualified for the event today:

Devon Barker (Team JK)
Christie Glissmeyer
Lizzy English

So today will be three rounds of action:

Prelims that cut from 13 to 6 men and women
Semi-finals that cut from 6 to 3 men and women
Finals knockout:

All three go and lowest score drops out and is 3rd.
Both remaining competitors go and the winner is the 2006 Reno Whitewater
Champion! I believe the prize money is $2,500 for 1st, $1500 for second and
$1000 for 3rd.

Well, got to go race down the boatercross course to try to win pole position
quickly! They goofed up the boat length this year and made it 9′ instead
of the normal 8’6". This means that most people with have boats that are
less than 8’6" long and a few will have boats that are 9′ and potentially
faster. Oh, well. Boatercross is an afterthought in this event anyhow,
but I am paddling a Super Hero which is super fast!


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Carman, John, and Jay hanging out

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Josh Bectle makes the cut

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Jud Kiser makes the cut in the open

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Judges and announcers in action

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Dane and Jason hanging out waiting for Jasons rides

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Dane encouraging Jason for his competition