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May 24, 2006

I am proud to introduce the world to 12 year old kayaking wonder
Jason Craig, from Reno, Nevada. Jason was put into a Fun 1 by Dane in
2004 at the Reno River Festival and when we retuned in 2005 he could back
loop, and generally rip up the local holes and waves with the skill of a
many year adult paddler. Then, when Jay Kincaid became a member of Team
Jackson Kayak, Jason started calling Jay to go paddling with him on a daily
basis, and Jason became Jay’s training partner! Jay has many funny stories
about this kid calling him up every morning like clock work and asking if he
was ready to go, and if he wanted to go foam boating after paddling, etc.
etc. Jay has more kid in him than most people know and was all about it.

Jason’s parents Lindsay and Karen are wonderful parents that live a unique
lifestyle and have structured their lives in a way that allows more family
time and for Jason to really live his life to the fullest. Lindsay has had
a variety of cool jobs, but most recently he was a teacher in Jason’s
school. Now, Lindsay is home schooled by Karen and Lindsay and is
currently living in the Jackson Kayak RV with us for a short period. Jason
sits and does his school work and asks me questions while I am driving and I
hope I know the answers.

Here is what Jason has to say about Jason:

Age: 12
Occupation: Professional Kid

I am twelve years old and live in Reno Nevada. I
have been kayaking for eight years but really got
into it three years ago when Dane let me sit in his
fun1. My Dad is long time kayaker and started me off
kayaking as early as I can remember. My home river
is the Truckee River, which is home to the Reno
Whitewater Park. This year I happen to have Jay
Kincaid as my boating partner, which is awesome, and
want to grow up to be just like him. Dane is my best
friend and has a lot to do with getting me kayaking.
It has always been a dream to be on team JK. It is
a joy to be on this page and I hope to live up to it

Other things
about me

Other than a whitewater kayaker, I am a hip-hop
dancer. Many a time you can see me racing away from
the Whitewater Park to get to dance class. I am home
schooled. I am also the AW beta kids corner editor.
I was born in Lewistown, Montana. I have a white lab
named Cisco.


1st in FibArk sport class

4th in tow in cup

Youngest person to kayak Schookumchuck

Living life to the best of my capabilities

Favorite rivers

Arkansas River, Truckee River, Pauley Creek, and
Schookumchuck Rapids.


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Team JK’s newest member, 12 year old Jason Craig!