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May 20, 2006

6 Weeks of intense paddling and filming with today’s stars of Freestyle paddling and then an intense editing period has lead to the creation of the most detailed, and complete Playboating instructional programs ever. Each video is 90 minutes long (twice as long as my 2003 videos) and has everything you can imagine in them. The basics really breaks things down nicely, from the very beginning. The Advanced just doesn’t let you rest as it goes all of the way to the top!

The recent Reno River Festival results looks a lot like the Playboating DVD roster, in case you haven’t noticed. EJ, Jay Kincaid, Stephen Wright, Emily, and Dane Jackson, and Clay Wright (current USA national champion). Also, watch Nick Troutman (a soon to be household name in kayaking), Devon Barker (just won the Reno open event), Jessie Stone (the Doctor is in the house.

Filmed entirely on location at the Zambezi and Nile Rivers this December/January, it is a really fun video to watch. Watch for “tips from the top” which appears every few segments offering valuable inside information on everything from keeping your hands from slipping on the paddle, to warming up.

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🙂 EJ