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June 15, 2006

Hey Carmen & Jackson Inc,

A couple weeks ago I called my local Jackson boat dealer, Canoe
Kentucky, and ask tham about getting the new outfitting installed in my
05 Super Hero. Nathan was quick to tell me that the install was quite
complicated and told me he was making a trip to your plant to pick up
some boats, so he offered to take my boat and have the kit installed by
the pros. Just wanted to drop you guys a note and let you know you made
a great product even better. WOW, what a difference, the new seat and
seat adjustment is very cool and a big improvement over the old
outfitting. I was impressed to see that you had not only put the seat
and cage in, but you guys had also taken the time to install the new
cleat ropes, which were short on my purchased demo. You continue to take
kayaking developments above and beyond and always manage to make the
best products and offer the best services in the industry. Thanks for
making it possible to upgrade boats with the latest developments so I
dont have to purchase a new boat each year. I’m loving my Super Hero
more than ever and can’t wait to see what ideas come to light in the
future. Keep up the great work!

Will Singleton