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June 9, 2006


First off I want to give you a boater thanks for designing and producing all the Jackson kayaks. A friend of mine introduced me to Jackson boats and I’ve never looked back. I’ve been blessed in coming back from back surgery and finally being able to sit in a boat for longer then 2 hours without my lower body becoming numb. I recently picked up a 4-fun and for my size (6’5", 195, and a size 13 foot) its a remarkable boat to be paddled. I have been paddling since my dad put me in his fiberglass boat when i was 4, and have tried about every boat there has ever been made. But by far the Jackson boats are the most comfortable that i have ever been in. The easy of spinning, Good carving, speedy surfing, simplicity to roll, GREAT PLASTIC that can take the Midwest low water conditions and still look as good as the day i unwrapped it. The balance to feel safe on any choice of river, the ability to push the envelope, and so many other great qualities, Thank you.

I also recently got to demo a super star and all star at Bear paw inn In WI. And being from the Midwest we usually make flat water pretty fun, with all the long stretches of flat it is a must at times. But goofing off one of the times in the all star, I was going for a back deck role when before i knew it i was in a bow stall. Now I’ve never been a person that could easily do this when i was trying to do them. Although some how it happen. Now the kicker is that I started as a back deck role and over rotated my hips to get a edge to the water and when i started the sweep, the bow went down some and figured lets try something new. So i pulled the paddle straight back from being out the back of the boat. With a hard pull on the paddle and strong Abe crunch There I was bouncing in the water with a bow stall. I figured its gotta be some weird mutation to Steve and your party trick, but I thought i would pass it along and see what happens. Ive only been able to replicate it in the all star.

Hope to see you at Fib-Ark, taking a 16hr drive to see the Jackson team, and maybe run into you guys. Met Jay before in Reno while he was shooting the commercials for the first Reno fest. Would love the chance to watch the best in the sport do what they love. And again a huge thanks for coming out with a kayak that a tall guy can actually stay comfortable in.

Hope to see you on the water sometime
Carl From IA