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June 4, 2006

By Devon Barker. Learn more about Devon.

Dear Friends,
I am halfway through my spring/summer tour in
Colorado. The events in Colorado are great as they
are really close together and there are lots of events
each week. I did hate to leave Idaho as we are having
an awesome water year but Idaho’s Little Salmon, South
Fork Salmon, Main Salmon Surfing, and the Payette(to
keep the list short) will always be there and I will
have lots of years to enjoy my back yard where all of
this kayaking started!

This morning I am in Frisco, CO at Jessica Marsan’s
cabin. I became friends with Jessica six years ago on
the Ottawa River and was lucky enough to have her
support at the World Surf Championships last fall.
The best friends are ones you meet on the river. 🙂

Upon my return from Uganda paddling the White Nile I
set out to make a few goals for 2006.

  • Paddle down river more in my new Jackson Kayak Hero.
  • Learn a new Loop technique & perfect my Tricky Woo.
  • Get my truck fixed….well??????
  • Share my Dare to Kayak presentation & message with
  • Last but most importantly, support myself and others
    in their dreams of making our world a better place.

I am so blessed to be on Team Jackson Kayak where the
focus is not just paddling but making the world a
better place. From funds to 1% of the planet, Jessie
Stone’s Soft Power Health, and Emily supporting
schools in Uganda I am given the opportunity to
support them and be in an environment where your goals
are supported and appreciated.

This makes the success in kayaking so much sweeter!
Steamboat had a big pushy hole, just the kind I like,
and I was able to loop into third place. I was so
happy. Thanks Paddler for having such a great event!
At the Teva Mountain Games I finished 6th in the
Boater Cross ( thanks to my goal of paddling my Hero a
ton this spring), and in the Freestyle Event, my
sponsor Smith Optics sponsored the games, I got third
again! My new loop technique is helping a lot. Five
out of the six kayakers in finals were in Jackson
Kayaks!!! EJ, Stephen, Jay, and Emily were all in
finals. The games will be on OLN in a few weeks.
Links for full results from Steamboat & Vail:

I am off to the 8 Ball event today where we will be
sprinting down the river with 8 Ball kayakers in our
route trying to tag us. If you get tagged you are out
of the race.

I have attached the historical river flow data on the
Salmon River. It went really big this year. My
brother Jon would never tell you but he runs the
Salmon River each year at its peak to see if he can
break his record in 24 hours. This year he went 254
miles beating his best by 2 miles. My other brother
Jacques called to tell me he just ran Lolo Creek in
his new Jackson Kayak creek boat the Rocker and loved
it. He had not been on Lolo Creek since he was in an
Infinity Kayak that was made in McCall, Idaho long
over ten years ago. My brothers are an inspiration to

Well, the truck goal is a lesson in persistence. For
the next week Jason Craig, the great 12 year old
paddler from Reno, will be training, traveling, and
competing wtih me. I cannot wait to train with him as
he has a really good move called the Mc Nasty I hope
he can teach me to do.

Paddle in Peace,



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Mom, Auntie, & Me

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