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June 6, 2006

Hi EJ,

I sure appreciate your help in getting us into Jackson Kayaks. We have been
using both the Fun and Hero models for beginner and intermediate courses
that we have run early this season with a certified instructor. They have
been great boats to learn in. They are light, comfortable, durable, and
promote confidence on the river.

Your DVDs have also been fantastic. I have been paddling since July of last
year, and I have largely been teaching myself out of books and through trial
and error on some easy class II rivers. My paddling has soared in the last
month from taking the course we are sponsoring and through watching and
implementing concepts from "Strokes and Concepts", "Rolling and Bracing",
and "River Running Basics." I am navigating class III and easy class IV
rivers with more confidence, stern squirting like a mad man, and even
dropped my first 15 foot falls as you can see in this picture. The lead in
to this falls was a 5 foot drop and large boulder garden that I was able to
thread through in my Super Hero with a deep breath and skills learned and
practiced from your DVDs.

Thanks for adding a new splash of color to my life with your fantastic boats
and inspiring, fun and family filled company. I look forward to a life of
paddling for myself and my family with Jackson Kayaks.




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