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June 18, 2006

By Jason Craig. Learn more about Jason.

Hey EJ,
Today was my finals for Junior Nationals. The day
started out with me flushing three times in my first
ride. After doing a serious mental check I got it
together and second out of five that moved on. Then it
went to single ride scores. I put together a good ride
moving me into first out of the three that moved on.
The final three were Zach Michell, Alex Mozen and me.
I did another good ride but putting me in second
behind Alex Mozen. In the finals went first laying on
the pressure and the points. In that ride I got a
total of 88 points. Alex put down a good ride but not
good enough to beat my total.
I was I was pumped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope all is well in Europe,


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