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June 11, 2006

This year’s Lyon River Festival was well organized, and a fun time for all. I was really impressed at how much there was to do for boaters and spectators alike. Concerts, food, beer, and a freestyle competition all at once! It was like NASCAR in France!

While I don’t have all of the results, I will tell you what I know for sure.

Dane won the junior men’s class in good form. His semi-finals ride would have been second in the men’s pro class! He really paddled incredibly well all weekend, and loved the wave.

Nick Troutman was second in the junior men’s class and he was second in the semi-finals, but won each round of the finals until the head to head with Dane. Nick really impressed the crowd!

I set a new personal record here at Lyon. After kicking the competition off in good style getting the only combo move of the event (Blunt/McNasty) and tying for first in prelims, I managed to get 22nd place in quarter finals. SWEET! This is the lowest freestyle finish of my career and I earned it with a zero point first ride, and a 100 point second one, oops.

The women’s class was won by a slovakia girl, and a 14 year old French girl was second, and Tiffany Manchester was third. Emily pulled my trick today and ended up 7th, not getting to show off her skills.

Many competitors will remember this event also for the low water in the river, caused by the dam not releasing on Sunday. While this turned a “big wave” competition into a little wave competition, it was still a good spot for the comp. Next year they plan on a weekday competition so the water will be high.

Thanks to the Doux family (philippe, and Joel, and their dad) for putting on this awesome event!

Off to river run with my partner Tony now and then race in Switzerland.