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June 15, 2006

Well, we’re taking the aerial combos of the Young Guns and bringing
them to any hole near you. Hence the common-man’s-playspot-combos that are
now emerging–mostly centered around the Mcnasty because it’s so fun.
Here’s a short vid of part of my Nationals training: featuring a
Blunt-Mcnasty combo and the newest one yet: the Backloop-McNasty combo
. (QuickTime Video 6.4 MB) The
nice thing is that you don’t need Buseater, Lachine, Nile Special, or
another world-class wave to do these moves. These moves can bring challenge
and air-to-air moves to the masses. The vid of the backloop one doesn’t
represent the most impressive of those done yet, but it’s the only one I
have on film. Expect to see new exciting combos invented available Enjoy!

Stephen Wright