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June 28, 2006

I got this letter from Bill today:

Dear Jackson Kayakers,

I just wanted to personally thank you all for coming through and filling our

Star Program purchase order for the Reno Fire Department’s Water Entry team.

All who have taken their boats out, and those who have subsequently
borrowed them, have had great big smiles on their faces when they finally
get out of them. With the affordable boats you have allowed us access to,
our team members will no doubt be spending more time in the water, which
will, in my experience, lead to more competent and skilled Swiftwater Rescue

Technicians in the field here in Reno.

I personally recieved a Super Fun and Super Star in the order. I couldn’t
wait for the order, though, and went and purchased a Super Fun off the rack
at Reno Mountain Sports the week after the Reno Whitewater Festival.
Erick’s personal attention in fitting me and lending me a Super Star for
demo while warming up in the weeks leading up to the festival, offered me a
first great impression of the boat line, but after pushing off and actually
trying it in the water, the damage was done. The boats speak for
themselves. I have taken the Super Fun from the source of the Truckee at
Lake Tahoe, to the Whitewater Park in Reno, a run of 55.37 miles, on two
different occasions since taking purchase. The trips took 12.25 and 10.25
hours respectively to complete, and I don’t think I’d have been able to
endure that in any other (uncomfortable) boat out there, while still being
able to stop here and there for a surf.

We are going to pound and grind these boats on the sharpest road riprap and
granite boulders the area has to offer. We are going to pin and stuff them
into the rocks for scenarios, only, hopefully, and generally push them hard
and put them away wet. We will keep you informed on how they hold up.

Thanks again for everything, especially to Carman for coming up with a green Super Fun! And EJ, hope those hats are keeping the sun off your skillet.


Bill Gentry

W.E.T. Team Coordinator

Reno Fire Department