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June 7, 2006

The sleek lines, rock solid outfitting, comfortable cockpit, and Huge Air combined with versatility in playboating moves makes Star series The boat to own if you enjoy playboating.

The record speaks for itself, whether it be the video, photo, or competition record, or simply how many paddlers have written me after getting into a Star, All-Star, or Super Star and had their playboating improve overnight. David Knight and I nailed this one on the head. I have NEVER been happy with my kayak after three seasons before. I have always wanted the next great thing, and the most exciting thing about my All-Star is that there is nothing I would rather paddle, even after three years of other companies trying their best to make a better boat.

Some highlights for the Star, All-Star, and Super Star

General Highlight for all of the Star series:

  1. They are DRY! No holes in the boat make for a comfortable dry paddle all day long.
  2. They Loop HUGE! Nothing loops like a Star series kayak- add a Happy Seat/Thruster Combo and you had better be comfortable with the high dive or you will scare yourself!
  3. STIFF: With the new Boat Armor Outfitting, we support the hull so it gives you a huge jump off the water.
  4. Wave Performance: Whether you are trying the hardest moves out there, our just trying to do aggressive carving, the Stars make wave surfing more dynamic, the moves bigger, and the allow you to do more than you have before.

Specifics of each size:

  1. A smaller person will enjoy the Star the best- it is the smallest at 44 gallons. It also fits the longest legs of the playboats. Smaller, but more roomy, how cool is that… Oh yea, it comes in Pink too!
  2. All-Star: 52 Gallons and 6’1” long but fits a much larger person than competitors boats- a high performance playboat can be really comfortable!
  3. Super Star: 60 Gallons: Don’t let the volume fool you, this is a bigger boat with more room than any other playboat, and in the words of a customer: “Yea, oh Yea- the Super Star can make a Fat boy fly!”
  4. Durable- beat the heck out of it and it will still love you. While Jay wore 8 boats out in a single year before coming to Jackson Kayak, he hasn’t worn out his first Super Star yet!
  5. Price: $895 MSRP

Some of the awards the Star Series has won:

  1. Teva Mountain Games Mens’ and Women’s Winner 2005, 2006- It got 5 of the top 10 positions in this year games, including 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
  2. 2005 World Champion
  3. 2004 Pre-World Champion
  4. 2005 National champion- Australia, Czech, Germany, USA, Japan, etc,, etc. etc. (I can’t remember all of the etc.s off the top of my head..)
  5. Reno Invitational, 2005, 2006 (swept 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in this years event)
  6. Swept the American River Festival (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) in 2006

OK, I am not going to look up the rest of the accomplishments. You get the idea. Just ask Jay Kincaid, 2003 World Champion, why he paddles the Super Star. As a competitor, he wants the best equipment, and his first choice is the Super Star.

The feeling of zipping around on a wave, spinning, blunting, or getting big air… the feeling of slicing the ends effortlessly through the water, balancing on end, or looping over the water are priceless for a day on the water. The Star series is just that.

Get yours,