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June 24, 2006

I couldn’t be more proud of my team of paddlers that represent both paddling and Jackson Kayak. This past weekend two very special people got to realize a dream of any paddler who competes in freestyle, they became National Champions.

Stephen Wright has be wowing the crowds all season this year and showing an explosive style that has matured into his own style that wins competitions and shows off playboating at its best. This year’s national championships was hotly contested, but Stephen managed to dominate the entire event, winning every round by a huge margin. Throwing many of the hardest combinations of moves, and launching out of the water like a Polaris missile was he key to success. For anyone who hasn’t met Stephen, he would win the National Championships for his fun, helpful nature as well, so a better guy couldn’t have won.

In the top 10 positions of the Men’s class- 5 of them were paddling All-Stars, a boat that makes anyone a better playboater!

In the junior men’s class- 12 year old Jason Craig just doesn’t know that he isn’t supposed to beat up on the 18 year olds! Jason is another young person that shows that the future of the world is secure if we have kids like him on the way up. Not only is Jason’s enthusiasm contagious, as you can see from my “quote of the day” Jason’s is “Awesome” and that applies to everything he sees. If you have seen him paddle, Awesome is a perfect way to sum it up. Jason can throw the hardest moves in the book in the most unlikely places. I was not surprised when I heard that he won the National Championships paddling a Fun 1 at 12 years old. He traveled with the Jackson family RV in Colorado and he was a joy to have on board, helping the whole time.

Good job guys! Sorry we weren’t there to watch!

For more about these guys: Stephen Jason

🙂 EJ