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By David Stefan. Learn more about David.

July 24, 2006

Hi EJ and Carman

How these all good?

I am really fascinated by this kayak all to star!

Today it was my as day with it, really this small boat surprised me and cool! I with All Star have 100% of exploitation in waves and rools! I have to air cool as it had never had with none kayak, and in the same
time I obtain to have precision of slicier boat in rools! It and cool!

it has a short size and I obtain to have with its shape a speed in cool
waves, generally we lose speed in YOU DIG with Spus Boats more the All Star surpasses all small boats and one Mix boat and cool! I can make many cartwhells in rolls with total control of its tips!

Outfiting necessary with mine has one pes can be 5 hours without leaving my All Star! The Happy Feet and cool! me of all the comfort for my feet, and a new technology of comfort in kayaks.

I have a great easiness to execute CLEANS with All Star!

Really and a new technology of kayaks, I had inumeros kayaks of many marks more I am magic with the performance of All Star! Not is necessary more models of kayaks in the market All Star this above of all the espectatives!

Playboater it knows:
Great performance, Great confort, balanced ends, Digs rapis in waves, total control in big waves! this is All Star!

Congratulations EJ, you made optimum small boat for playboaters! Great Great Great Kayak!

I am sending some photos of my new All Star, have made an impression as I have a great one to even air in flatwaters! This week sending more
photos I am going BAEZA RIVER to make good images for JK!

Thanks EJ and Carman for believing me and of being able to have a great chance of kayak with JK!


David Stefan


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