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July 31, 2006

Dear EJ and Monique,

My lesson with EJ inspired me to get on the good bus and buy a new boat.

Three wet exits in one day in front of a champion kayaker is enough humble pie to force one to bite the bullet.

So last week Monique at Mill Valley fitted me in my very own, brand new ‘4 FUN.’ –Wow, the boat actually fits me. No wonder I was having trouble hitting my roll in my old boat. It simply didn’t fit me.

Now with my hips, back, feet and knees all in the game, the roll is SO much easier. In fact, I haven’t missed a roll yet, and frankly, I don’t plan on missing one ever again.

Plus the maneuverability of the boat is a 1000 times better than my old one. It’s like comparing an 18 wheeler to a Porsche. Peeling out, ferrying, etc all comes naturally now. I’m no longer fighting the boat, the Jackson kayak is working with me, not against me.

Paddling the Fun boat reminds me of the first time I skied with parabolic skis, or the first time I played tennis with an oversized Prince racket, or the first time I played golf with PING clubs.

Thanks for your help. I’m working my way through “PHASE FOUR” of the roll.

Attached are two videos that I made yesterday. — and yes I realize that I need to work on my weak side brace!