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July 10, 2006

Ben’s Team Page

Let me introduce Team Jackson Kayak member Ben Stookesberry,
watch him and you’ll see creeking and expedition kayaking as it moves to the
next level!

Not all kayakers are created equal. Ben is a special paddler and
leader that follows the "leave the world a better place" motto in ways that
will make paddling more fun for all of us. First off, Ben is pushing the
boundaries in paddling by seeking out new unexplored locations for kayaking
that push the boundaries of navigable water. In the process, one of his
goals is to raise awareness and generate support for the protection of these
and other rivers. Ben is one person who is capable of making this plan
work out, and Jackson Kayak is here to support him in his quest.

The other awesome part of having Ben out there paddling Jackson Kayak boats
in the hardest waters you will ever see a kayak is that his input and
testing of the Rocker and Mega Rocker will assure that your Jackson Kayak
creekboat is ready for anything you can throw at it and more. Ben is now
the first person to break a Rocker and that is a new record in itself!

How will you see Ben in action? Clear H2O films, which is Ben Skookesberry
and Jesse Coombs, (they brought you the No Big Names series) is going to
continue to produce the next generation of films featuring their upcoming
expeditions and exploits. Jackson Kayak is proud to support both Clear H2O
and the individuals behind it, knowing that by doing so, we will be helping
them "leave the world a better place".

In Ben’s words (he is too modest to brag, so you won’t really get all of his
accomplishments from him)

Kayaking is a one of a kind medium for
experiencing some of the last untouched places on the

After meeting up with the Jackson crew at the Reno
River Fest, I was sold on their vision. I found out
that EJ was intent on producing a bench mark in the
creeking/ river running catagory and I wanted to be
apart of that. As the founder and owner, EJ is
intimitly intune with every aspect of his boats and
the creation of his creek boats is no exception. At
first glance the Rocker seems like a descent enough
design, but one look at the interior tells the real
tale. EJ has invented and incorporated the best safty
features I have seen. For example a 3/4 inch blow
molded tension rod makes the Jacksons the stiffest
boats on the market end to end. To sum up, EJ intends
to make the best kayaks on the market and I would be
silly not to jump at the chance to use them.

I want to take the Jackson brand and ethic to far
ends of the earth in search of the next great river.
I believe that kayaking brings with it such a strong
and positive ethic, in that hightening awarness of
these special places is a small step towards
protecting them. I would also like to take that a
step further by raising money for the areas where I
paddle for education, river cleanup, and preservation.

It was unbelievable to be a part of the No Big
Names series. These are my boyz and girls and they
are some of the best paddlers and funniest characters
on the planet.

Also in 2005 myself, Silvio Guerreri, and Pato
Valsechi made the first Complete descent of
Argentina’s Rio Tunuyan. This was a 50 mile run
dropping 7000 feet through the deepest canyon that I
have ever run (11,000 feet deep).


Photos by Devin Knight

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