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July 17, 2006

One of the biggest Potomac Festivals in a long time just got wrapped up. Today was the attainment race, then the Freestyle Event, then the Boatercross, and then the Slalom Race… Whew!

Great weather and water levels, and a great set of volunteers and sponsors too.

In the Freestyle event it was:

Women’s Pro:
Kirsten Podalak
Tanya Shuman

Men’s Pro, big class this year.

1st Eric Jackson- All-Star
2nd Todd Baker
3rd, Bryan Kirk
8th- Dane Jackson (he decided to try pro again)

C1- 3 competitors
1st Seth Chapell
2nd Joe Stumpfel
3rd Jeremy Lauks

I am going off of memory and don’t remember all of the places. I’ll post them when I can.

Boatercross, Men’s there was six in the finals heat.

1st Place: Eric Jackson
2nd Place: Geoff
3rd Place: Jack
4th Gilbert Roacha
5th Don’t remember
6th not sure either, sorry!



1st place: Danny Stock
2nd Place: Geoff
3rd place: Jason Beakes
4th Place: EJ

Women- two women competed
1st Kristin Podalak
2nd Sara

🙂 EJ