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You must know the song, “Girls just want to have fun.” Well, old guys do too. I’m sixty, but I felt like a kid on the water with my new boat. I’m not an accomplished playboater, so I can’t speak to performance. But I’ve owned many, many kayaks, and I can speak to comfort. My 4Fun is the most comfortable boat I’ve ever owed, and I haven’t even figured out all of the outfitting details. The seat is the most comfortable of any kayak seat I’ve ever sat on. The footbag keeps my size 13s happy. The backband adjusts easily and keeps me tight and upright. I’m six feet one and weigh 190, and the boat fits me like it was custom ordered.
I just bought the boat yesterday having to drive nearly three hours from Ashland to Canoe Kentucky outside of Frankfort. But it was worth it. On Sunday I go to the river, probably the Cherry or Lower Gauley. But today I took it to a nearby lake and rolled it a few times. I hit the backdeck roll several times then a couple hand rolls just to see if the boat rolled easier than my old boat. Result? Much easier even though I slipped out of the seat a bit since I hadn’t had the hip pads adjusted right. I felt in total control, with my body making all of the necessary contact with the boat. When I got out, I noticed that the only drops of water in the boat came from those dripping off of my skirt. I used the same skirt and drytop that I did the last time I rolled at the lake; the only difference was the boat. And there was always water in the other boat, lots of water. It makes so much sense not to have put holes in the boat! Like you wrote somewhere, “What were they thinking?” Oh yeah, and did I mention how comfortable it is?

And, finally, the slick hull beads water. As I looked at the beaded water on the deck of my red 4Fun, I thought of my old hyper-waxed muscle car that I owned when I was a kid,. That brought a big smile to my face. I anticipate many more smiles. Even old guys like to have fun.

Joe Napora