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October 5, 2006

Eric… Ralph Barbato here… I’m a good friend of Mike Washburn (Reno Mountain Sports). I met you a few times at the park and in the store, however, I’m not sure you remember me.

There are 3 of us ‘older guys’ who boat a lot in Reno … we call our group the ’50 to 60 Club’ of which there are 3 members… Mike (55), Jeff (62), and me (53). I know what your thinking.. pretty exclusive club. Well your right, there aren’t many in Reno who meet the qualifications ! We are the best of friends and boat the park (rain or shine) 5 out of 7 days each week. Everyone who visits the Park knows us as ‘Those older guys that Rock’… Well, I’m not sure about the ‘they rock’ part but I can tell you that we have a blast together and it keeps us young !

Last month Jeff took a small side trip to Ottawa to take an intermediate ‘play boat’ class. During the week they went to a place called ‘Phil’s Hole’. That is what this video (16.3 MB Windows Media Player) is all about.. Jeff was in the hole no more than 3 seconds when he drops his paddle…. Now it’s ‘Hold on Babe’.

Mike and I thought this would be a great little video to post on your site showing the even the older Jackson boaters know how to take a beating.