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By Devon Barker

October 29, 2006

bring Steelhead upstream along my
favorite surf spots. I do not know much about fishing
but I had an opportunity to go on a fishing trip where
I kayaked part of the day and then sat in the drift
boat and watched the fishermen. I mainly learned
that fishing is different than catching. What I do
know is that I need to let all of my friends who fish
know when I am hitting the Steelhead with my paddle
when I am surfing as that means they are prime for

The surfing on the Salmon River has been pretty good
as the temperature is not too cold yet and the spots
are not crowded. On Thursday I kayaked with Titus, a
high school student, who lives in Riggins, Idaho. His
teacher let him out of class early so he could kayak
on his lunch break with me. Small towns are just
perfect. I have visited Riggins High School several
times with my Dare to Kayak presentation and now I
have some kids to kayak with me.

Today, Saturday, we all surfed together again. Telly,
Cy, Titus, and I surfed at Cat’s Paw. I have included
a picture of a sign at the entry to the dirt road down
to the surf wave. It reads, “Dead end road. Private
residence at end. Please do not block road. Carry
out your litter.” In a sharpie marker it has been
written, “ River thieves will be shot-not arrested!”
All things Idaho style I guess.

One of my goals this year was to have my pickup fixed.
Well it has been in the shop almost four months so I
have had no success with that goal but I decided to
revive the VW Fox with my Dad. (I had a little fender
bender in it this winter) I have included before and
after pictures. It runs, it rattles, but takes me
surfing. More than I can say about my truck. Two NRS
straps are holding on my bumper cover and one is
holding the hood down. Thank goodness for straps.

Looking forward to surfing on the Salmon River in
Riggins, Idaho in the morning!


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Kayaking on Salmon

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River Sign at river

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Salmon River fishing

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VW Fox fixed

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VW Fox wreck

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VW Fox