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August 25, 2006

So what happens when it’s late summer in Washington, the rivers are low, and you have a totally goofy idea? You go with the goofy idea, of course! The thought was to have a “fun” attention getter to use at festivals and promote kayaking in an unorthodox manner. With a call to Carman at JK, I was set up with two un-sellable boats. With a little shopping on the internet, I scored a couple of used 33cc scooters. Then, after way too many hours of modifications, I produced what I believe must be the worlds first Jackson Kayak Scooters. The project required cutting the scooters in half, adding 18” to the frames, adjusting all cables, chopping the handle bars, and modifying the air cleaners.
Then came the really hard part of cutting holes in the shiny new boats. What really amazed me was how thick the plastic is in the JK boats. I have broken boats in the past that were molded by other manufactures and didn’t have nearly as thick of plastic.

My workshop borders the alley that goes to our local community swimming pool. Throughout the build, countless people (both kids and adults) have stopped by to view the spectacle.

Goofy? Yes! But, why not?! Sit in them and they turn anyone into a kid! Now that I’ve cruised around our back alley a bit in my new “land yacht”, I’m ready to head to the river and do some real kayaking.

Andy Graham aka Kayakmedic


If anyone is interested in purchasing one of these scooters contact Carman and she will put you in touch with him.

Also you can check out this article about building the best skateboard by yourself.


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