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By Brad Sutton

October 18, 2006

Well this year was no different from previous Moose Fests cold weather
and good water flows had some paddlers putting on most of there cold
water gear. The amount of paddlers seemed to be the same and the
Festival went off with out a hitch. The Jackson Kayak tent was
showcasing the new FUN and MEGA-ROCKER kayaks due to be in production
in the next few weeks.

I paddled the Mega Rocker on both days this past weekend and found the
new Rocker series to be an excellent kayak to use on steep technical
whitewater. And gave me a feeling of confidence that I could run over
anything with the greatest of ease and little to no effort was needed
to stay on my lines. Sweet!!

I recently drove back the 14 hours to Rock Island and paddled the
Tellico with the Jackson Kayak Shop Posse. At three feet it was at a
medium to high flow according to locals. The new Rocker again handled
the creek lines on the Tellico with absolute control and felt
comfortable all day as we did laps on the Tellico.

I should have photos from the Moose soon.

Brad Sutton