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September 10, 2006

It was a beautiful September day on the Black River for Semi-finals and finals for World Cup #2 at “Hole Brothers” in Watertown. It started off cold, in the 30’s, but the clouds burned off and it rose up into the 60’s and the sky was as blue as it gets. The competition started off with Men’s Pro Semi-finals where the cut was from 15 of the top men to the top 5 for finals. Going from 8th and 6th to the top 5 where Bryan Kirk, and Andrew Holcomb. In an upsetting two rides Stephen Wright went from second to 6th missing the cut. Clay Wright was on FIRE and nailed his ride to go comfortably into finals in 4th place. Jay Kincaid had two medium rides to take the final spot in the top 5. My best rides was a 130 point ride.

The junior women’s finals were next with Noria from France showing that she is the best. In the junior men’s class the finals today had Thomas Fahrun, Nick Troutman, Jakub Nemec (Czech Republic), Jason Craig, and Dane. Jason Craig took the lead on first runs with a 50 point ride and Jacob was in second with 45 points before Dane snuck in with a 49 point ride. Nick and Thomas (Deuce) struggled to get their rides going on all three rides. Jacob had a great Tricky Woo on all rides, but Dane’s second ride was hard to beat with McNasties, Back Pan Ams, Airwheels, cartwheel moves (splits, cleans, etc.) and a 65 point score. After all was said and done, it was Dane, then Jason, then Jakub. Dane and Jason are both 13 years old and their birthdays are only a few days apart (July).

In the C1 class, Joe Stumpfel and Seth Chapelle had great rides to take it from last weeks winner Guillaume from Quebec, Canada. Lee Pyke from England was 4rd and Jez Blanchard from Australia was 5th.

In the Women’s Class it was quite the international finals with 5 women from 5 different countries. After 1st rides Tanya Faux(Australia) was in 1st, Ruth Gordon (Canada) in 2nd, and Emily (USA)in 3rd, with Fiona England) in 4th and Marianne (Norway) in 5th. After second rides Emily had a sick ride with 54 points nailing her McNasty, Air loops, backstab, and more. Ruth moved into 3rd and Tanya in to 2nd. That order stuck during 3rd rides so Emily was able to do a victory lap ride, sweet!

In the Men’s class Jay Kincaid was looking great in practice and was ready to rock. Clay Wright, Bryan Kirk, Andrew Holcomb, and EJ were also warmed up and ready. In first rides Jay had a bummer 1st ride flushing twice, while Andrew Holcomb had a sick ride at 92 points. Bryan Kirk also had a great ride and then I had a 96, 4 points ahead of Andrew. Clay had a huge entry move, but airwheels, some blunts and backstabs, and a McNasty that was awesome for 62 points. After second rides, I added a better ride at 110 points to add a little distance between me and Andrew. The rides were awesome across the board, except for Jay’s. Jay just had bad luck. The hole greened out on him flushing him downstream. Andrew flushed through on his entry move on his final ride and that was pretty much the end of his or anyone’s chances of winning today, allowing me to do a victory lap.

Right now I am heading HOME after 6 months in the RV. We are going fast! I am so tired that I can barely keep from nodding off while Kristine is doing a great job driving. I will put up complete current World Cup points standings tomorrow and they will also be on the world cup official website at .

Click Here for Complete Results

🙂 EJ