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In the Men’s Pro Class- Eric Jackson from USA
In the Women’s pro class- Tanya Faux from Australia
In the Junior Men’s Class- Nick Troutman from Canada
In the C1 Class- Guillaume La Rue from Canada
In the Oc1 class- Eli Helbert from the USA
In the Junior women’s class- Sara Hunter, USA

Special Mention goes to my good buddy and team mate Stephen Wright who TIED my best ride today and the head Judge Matt Solomon had to do the tie breaker. It was stressful as the tie breaker determined who would win the World Cup today myself or Stephen. Stephen is an incredible person who from the beginning was supportive of Matt and that either way the tie breaker fell he was happy with it. In my book Stephen is a World Cup Champion too! When you see him, congratulate him!

Clay Wright was the talk of the day though destroying the Rock Island hole and setting the score way above anyone else today winning the World Cup final! How suiting is that! Clay is on fire!

More later, off to awards and party!

🙂 EJ