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Last Night Ben Stookesberry and Jesse Coombs were in Washington, DC receiving an award as Adventurers of the Year from National Geographic Adventurer Magazine. Today Ben and Jesse sent me this teaser (QuickTime 11.3 MB) from the just completed expedition of the first complete descent of the Alceseca River from Altatonga to Tomata Bridge in Veracruz, Mexico. This teaser is for Chapter 1 of their next film, “Hotel Charlie: River of Doubt”. For those of you wondering what Hotel Charlie means; it is code for Hardcore. River of Doubt? That is Chapter 3 or 4 of the film, a 500 mile trip down a river in Brazil that Teddy Roosevelt named in the beginning of the last century, where he was almost killed by Malaria and a massive leg infection, among other things.

This teaser is just a glimpse into what will become a must have film in 2007 for any whitewater enthusiasts!