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By Brad Sutton

Things are going great I may have to stay here for the rest of
the winter!  The Weather was Sunny Warm 57 degrees in Ashville, better
known as Ash-Vegas to the paddling community tucked away in Western
North Carolina. A small city with an adventure lifestyle type of
atmosphere and has amazing terrain for whitewater kayaking.

I went paddling on the Green River at 7am this morning because the dam
turns off the water at 6am and the bubble of water floating down the
river bed doesn’t flow pass the put-in until around 7:45.  So we show
up to the put-in and their were all the top creek boaters in the world
John Grace, Tommy Hilleke, Pat Keller, Jules Campbell, Buffy Bailey,
Christie Dobson, and Dixie Marree Prickett. Clay Wright, the paddler I am
traveling with could not paddle today because of an unfortunate sore
left knee.  Clay will be back on the water soon to race on Saturday
in the infamous Green River Race a Class 5 run with little to no boat
scouting, so having a World Class paddler like Clay Wright to tell you
the lines with out having to get out and scout is so key for the "DAWN

The group I was paddling with today was Buffy Bailey, Christie
Dobson, and Dixie Marie Prickett.  It was fun to see all of the
Top Creek Boaters to wake up for the "DAWN PATROL"!  We even heard
that Jason Hale made a late cameo appearance at the Green River Put-in
but we missed him.  If I can get out tomorrow, again I will the Green
River is so fun!