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By Stephen Wright

Well sports fans, the weather’s getting colder, the water’s getting
better, and my mighty head-gasket repair job is finally done! Moe Kelleher
and I spent the past 3 weeks tearing my truck apart with the hopes of
resurrecting it from the dead. This was a MUCH more involved project than
I’ve ever undertaken with any vehicle, but thankfully it worked-out. Now my
’93 T-100 with 160K miles is running great again but still smells like my
paddling gear and my dog. Our normal schedule has been: wake-up @ 7:30,
drop Jen off at work, go surf buseater, pick Jen up from work, eat, go work
on the truck until 11:00 or midnight. Good stuff!

The wave was in for a few weeks, then local rain brought the level too
high, then it came back for us for the past 4 magical days. We’ve been
experimenting with different lighting and angles for video, which I hope you
enjoy. In the kayak video, you’ll see that I’ve been working bread and
butters, KYs, clean and nearly clean airscrews, pan-ams, helixes, and clean
spins (which are actually really scary on this wave). It’s also pretty wild
to just surf, and let the wave destroy you every now and then. We’re done
boating here, and will be driving south on Wednesday–First to Fayetteville,
then to Rock Island where I’ll be spending my summer. Hopefully the truck
will make it.

I’ve attached 2 videos: one is another great buseater video (QuickTime, 10.9 MB) with footage
from the past week, the other is a video (QuickTime, 5.2 MB) covering parts of the truck repair.

Live from Beachburg,

Stephen Wright