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Hello Eric,

I wanted you to see my son Sean in action enjoying his Jackson. He loves the 1.5. He is getting tall, and now 90lbs as he approaches 11. He ran the Lower Yough with me for the first time in September. He developed a solid WW combat roll this summer. He attended NOC camp and a class led by Charlene Coleman in Columbia, SC. I took him to many river runs this year. We enjoyed excellent father and son times with great friends.

We ran the Lower Yough just before heading to Shanghai, China where we are living now. We both miss the clean water and excellent boating of the eastern USA. The good news is that Sean will be moving to a Fun 2 this summer. We will come back for 3 weeks of river running in June. I will purchase the new Fun 2 from NOC after Sean demos it. He is getting too tall for the 1.5.

I thought the photos were great for Jackson promotion because it includes boat and paddle. Sean has a Werner that sits on the shelf waiting for him to get bigger. We retired it after finding the Jackson paddle at NOC.

Sean has a Jackson tee shirt he loves. He also wrote about you for a school assignment here in Shanghai. He had an assignment to write about someone famous visiting the British International School in Shanghia. He picked you, Emily, Dane visiting to teach kayaking. He had to explain kayaking to an international class, which he enjoyed.

Keep making the boats and gear so families like ours can enjoy the rivers together.

God Bless,

Robert Martz


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