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By Stephen Wright

November 5, 2006

I just got my New 2FUN and it’s everything I hoped it would be: a
great new boat in my size! There are TONS more leg and foot room in the New
2FUN. I can even fit with my big river-sandals on, which I definitely
couldn’t do in the classic! In addition to improved comfort, it’s even more
forgiving on the river, with softer edges on the stern. I rarely need to
brace, no matter how pushy or boily the water. It’s still the easiest boat
to roll on the market.

The largest improvement that I notice however, is the playability. The
new hull is a lot faster, looser, easier to take-off, and better carving.
The volume distribution and edge shape makes for effortless cartwheels and
even bigger loops. In short, I love this boat. The New 2FUN really is
better downriver, more comfortable, AND a better playboat. They should be
available with the next few weeks. The guys at the plant are working hard
to make sure that no boats are sent-out before everything is just right.

Enjoy the Buseater footage! (QuickTime 10.1 MB) The levels are dropping and these may have
been our last days riding the bus until it rains again.

Live from Beachburg,

Stephen Wright